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Help Us Give Away Those Moods of Norway Undies

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Ok, we admit it: Mistakes were made, and we didn't get the Moods of Norway contest up before Valentine's Day. But when you think about it, ANY day can be Valentine's Day, right? Not really, we know. We still want you to help us spread the love by voting on these suggestions for what a single girl might have done with herself last Sunday:

Hitting up the Barneys Warehouse Sale, cloaking herself in fabulousness, then preening out on the town with the girlfriends.
Bollywood Valentine's Party at Rockwell VT, featuring belly dancing, music, and a "red" dress code.
Gathering up your like-minded female friends, doing a gift exchange for gifts you actually want, hopping a cheap flight somewhere spontaneous, then staying at a bed and breakfast.

The poll will be up until 8pm this evening, and we'll crown Miss Lonelyhearts tomorrow, for real.

Poll results

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