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Saint Grace Sample Sale; Help Send Off a Surf City Hero

A few looks from Saint Grace
A few looks from Saint Grace

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DOWNTOWN—Clothing line Saint Grace is moving, and they're having a huge sale to get rid of overstock, samples, and slightly damaged merch. Ridic pricing: $7-$25 for tops, $15 and up for dresses and pants; a barely barely damaged pile for $5 and under.The sale is Friday (9am to 5pm) and Saturday (10am to 4pm). 2222 E. Washington Blvd., Unit C (323-587-2788) [Racked Inbox]

HUNTINGTON BEACH—If you're in the area, drop by Huntington Surf and Sport for Brett Simpson's ASP World Tour Send-off Party. Autographs, giveaways, all kinds of other fun. The party starts at 5pm Friday night, at 300 PHC (and Main) (714-841-4000) [Racked Inbox]