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OBEY at American Rag: We Didn't See Much of It, But We Did See Tons of Great Clothing on Sale

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We couldn't make it to Thursday night's OBEY popup party at American Rag, so we decided to pay a visit this weekend. We got to American Rag and started looking for a big, prominent display or OBEY niche (or even a cubbyhole), and we couldn't really find one. Did we miss something? There did seem to be more OBEY merch than normal, but it wasn't a full-on popup.

What was there was very likable. The line is coming into its own as something much more than just Shepard Fairey t-shirts. OBEY is interesting merchandise that's both unique and on-trend, it's priced right, and it fits well.

Even the merchandise's branding is getting a little more refined (or confusing. What does that dog have to do with OBEY? And "We Dream Alone"??) Whether or not it's supposed to signify the clothing's maturation, we're not sure. (Especially with pieces like this tie-dye tanktop, which was not in the store for us to mock.) But the look for men was clean with an edge. A few handsome sweaters and buttondowns. And of course the requisite tees.

The women's offerings were exceptionally playful, despite being mainly gray or black. Skirts, tank tops, rompers?there was one piece we really loved, an open-backed gray sweatshirt with fringe along the back. Super-fun and priced at only $48, it was a standout.

Something else we liked a lot: American Rag is having a sale.

The sale stuff not concentrated in one area. In the denim bar, we found all kinds of deals, including red skinny Helmet Langs for $50, some G Stars for $75. The other side of the store also had sale jeans—shredded Helmet Lang skinnies for $90; Stella McCartney jeans for $85, Y3 jeans for $75, and we even saw a pair of Blank Denim for $10! (The caveat: Man, they were fug. We love Blank Denim, but the sale jeans were maroon with light-colored stitching and a super-high waist. Nasty. But only $10!) The sales racked were populated with other wonders from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mike & Chris, LNA, 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent?among many, many others.

There were also some outstanding buys in the shoe department. Granted, many shoes were down to their final sizes, but among the covetables were Pour La Victorie frilly sandals for $50, Rachel Comey sandals for $80?there were even shoes for $5. $5! Men's shoes were also on sale, including Repetto, Creative Recreation, Rachel Comey and more.

The sale isn't going to last forever; the selection is dwindling by the day. We're hoping the OBEY collection will also be replenished soon. But why take chances? Go before all of the choice pickin's are gone.
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American Rag

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American Rag

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