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Your Last Chance, Valentine: Urban Outfitters Popup

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Oh, no you didn't. You're one of those types who's waiting till the last possible minute to pick out a present. Maybe because you think if you commit to one, you'll find a better present (or because you think you'll find a better boyfriend/girlfriend). Urban Outfitters at Space 15 Twenty has you covered. No diamond rings, expensive lingerie, or long-stemmed roses, but plenty of little doo-dads for casual VDay gifting: cards, lip-shaped telephones, lots of red and pink apparel, cupcake kits?and of course literature of a prurient nature. You better know your Valentine fairly well before springing the Position of the Day calendar on him/her. It's all cute and cheapish?and all of it loads better than the Ikea Meatball Dinner. Space 15 Twenty is having a VDay party tonight (starts at 6pm), so it's a great chance to inspect the merch.
· Urban Outfitters [Official Site]
· Space 15 Twenty [Official Site]

Space 15 Twenty

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Urban Outfitters

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA