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Chanteuse Lingerie at Coco de Mer

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Thursday night's Chanteuse Lingerie celebration at Coco de Mer was so chock-full of girlie goodness, including champagne, red velvet cupcakes, a fashion scene that ran the gamut to the usual sleek, black-clad types all the way through the Burner/Lucent L'amour set, burlesque?and of course Chenoa Faun's incredible lingerie. It's the best of both worlds, in many ways: most of the pieces are excellent representations of how to do underwear as outerwear without looking too tarty; the pieces are all vintage-inspired but many are infused with modern details (like ecologically friendly bamboo-lining); and as rich and opulent as it all looks and feels, the line is surprisingly affordable. Honest-to-goodness knickers starting around $60, a gorgeous babydoll chemise that can also be worn as a dress or tunic for $160, and plenty of day-worthy camisoles for $70 - 80. Any one of these items would make a great gift for Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter. Keep an eye out for next week's New York magazine: Christina Hendricks will be on the cover, wearing a pair of Chanteuse's satin shorts. Better go over to Coco de Mer now to pick up a pair while they're still in stock!
· Chanteuse Lingerie [Facebook]
· Coco de Mer [Official Site]

Coco de Mer

8618 Melrose, West Hollywood, CA