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Foley & Corinna Sample Sale on Melrose

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Foley & Corinna are promising discounts on bags and clothing at 8117 Melrose Ave. We're lineblogging to give you the real scoop on what you should spend your time on this weekend.

8:30am: We've arrived. No one is here. It's cold.

8:55am: Memorial to Alexander McQueen in his store window next door.

8:57am: Big sign in window that all purses must be checked.

8:58am: Still no line.

8:59am: Someone just rolled up... to take a pic of the Alexander McQueen window. Oh snap.

9:05am: We're in! The deals here are 60% off the tag price, or $150 for samples.

9:10am: There's an amazing selection here.

9:14am: Mid-city totes for $178.

9:18am: Sample sale prices: dresses for $120, tops for $89 and bottoms for $69.

9:30am: Amazing vintage pieces, some for as low as $48. Bags and clothes.

9:38am: We found a great bandleader-style sweater for $129.

9:52am: The real find here: $150 sample bags not even in production yet!

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8117 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

8117 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA