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Looking Forward to Summer with Blood is the New Black

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Summer is still a few months away, but for hip t-shirt line Blood is the New Black, it's happening right now. This past weekend, we were invited to get a sneak peak, at the photo shoot for the new collection. Instead of having a normal shoot, Mitra Khayyam threw a house party: pretty young things eating pizza, drinking beer and rocking out to The Signals while photographer Ramon Felix captured the action. We have to admit, if we'd been asked, we would have jumped in the shoots in a hot minute, it looked like that much fun. Seriously, how many times do you get to hit a piñata while you're all made up and sporting a cool tee from a designer like Brian Lichtenberg, Jesse Spears, or Sterling Bartlett to name a few of the 35 who participated in the new collection. Khayyam described it as trippy, astrological, with a little tongue in cheek. Blood is the new Black is celebrating its 5th year and the new summer line will be available for purchase online. (Text by Yolanda Evans, photos by Aaron Cassou)
· Blood is the New Black [Official Site]