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You Might Need A 12-Step Program If...

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Do you wish you could carry a cooler full of beer around with you all day, in case the urge to imbibe should strike you, say, while you're walking down Melrose? But you're worried about how gauche an Igloo cooler looks as an accessory, right? Well, Thomas Erber, in partnership with Colette and Singha Beer, has created the ultimate solution. A luxurious leather tote bag with isothermic pockets designed specifically to keep beers chilled. But wait, there's more! The Singha Bag also has linen pockets for an iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as an exterior pocket to hold your passport and plane tickets. Because we all know how much the TSA loves large bottles full of cold liquids and tons of fancy electronics. Oh wait, we all have charter jets that take us shopping anywhere we want, right? Hurry, there's only ten of these bad boys available. [Racked Inbox]