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Flight 001 Looks Like an Airplane, Feels Like a Time Machine

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We can hardly think of a store whose departure was more mourned than Flight 001. The retro airplane-themed store had a large and loyal following made up by actual jet-setters, mid-century modern lovers, design snobs, and people who just like cute, well made products. So naturally, their return has been cause for a lot of excitement. They're back to West Third, just a couple of blocks down from their original location (they're even on the same side of the street).

It's still the same DNA, the same formula: the store offers an assortment of poppy and highly functional travel products. Some are pretty whimsical, like the Pez dispenser shaped luggage tag and the micro ping pong set, while others clearly mean business, like a low-profile softside pack that holds up to two weeks' worth of outfits. (At least that's what the salespeople told us; they probably don't know that we change clothes at least four times a day so we might not get the same kind of mileage out of it.) And, of course, it still looks like you've boarded the most swingin' Pan Am flight. Possibly to Bora Bora. Flight 001 has always been so far ahead of the curve, in terms of doing the retro design in a way that feels both authentic and modern; we're glad to have them in the neighborhood again. Welcome them back and say hi -- they're rolling their official Grand Opening celebration into Thursday night's party on West 3rd (details later).
· Flight 001 [Official Site]