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For The Girl Who Really, Really, Really Loves To Shop

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Why buy someone a cheap-ass cashmere sweater when you can buy them an entire freaking shopping trip? Not only that, but a shopping trip somewhere else? Coordinated by someone else? JetSuite and Lalaluxe have teamed up to present SuiteShop, a high-end shopping experience available in LA, Vegas, Napa, OC and San Francisco. They will fly four people there on a swanky jet with cushioned leather seats, drive the group around to amazing stores, give 'em a celebrity stylist and shower everyone with gift bags, discounts, champagne and num-nums. And all for a measly $9,760+! Of course, the shoppers still have to pay for whatever they decide to buy on top of all that but hey, money started growing on trees this year, right? [Racked Inbox]