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In Add Minus is a Definite Plus in Century City

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Elizabeth Daniels, 12/10

Math is hard, but don't let the name of the latest boutique at Westfield Century City scare you off--the sales clerks of In Add Minus aren't going to make you do long division on a chalkboard before you can buy the clothes. (Wait, are we the only ones who have that nightmare? Nevermind.) Actually, the name is an anagram of owner Nasarudin Nasimuddin's family name, and the store is the brand's first US location of the Malaysian-based company.

Expect to find a sleek store full of sophisticated clothes for men and women. On the women's side, the key word is apparently "draping." On the men's side, the theme is abundantly "tailored." A little bit reminiscent of Zara, the store has everything from denim to leather moto jackets to business suits, with everything in between—there's even a tuxedo for the men. Plus there's accessories, neutral colors galore, studs and chain accents, and did we mention lots of draping? Price points are competitive, but they're not exactly giving the stuff away, either.

Bottom line, be prepared to add to your closet and subtract from your wallet. And maybe bring a calculator when you go. Just in case.
&183; In Add Minus [Official Site]

In Add Minus

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