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Cooper Building Sample Sales Roundup

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We did a flyover of five different sales at the Cooper Building yesterday -- just to bring our beloved readers a little intel and help planning their days. The Elizabeth and James sale is still going strong. 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent/Mike & Chris/Barlow was well stocked, but very few true samples. The non-sample dresses were $80 - $100, not exactly "stock up and buy in multiples" prices. In addition to cashmere, Kain featured about 15 - 20 different styles of tees and tanks priced between $15 and $30. The real finds were at the 7 for All Mankind sale, right in the lobby. We were less interested in the 100s of pairs of jeans and way into the samples. About two long racks of true samples -- dresses, sweaters, jeans, pants, vest and more -- for $20. Most of these are Small or size 4 or 6, but lots of neat finds. The sale also offers fur and wool jackets for $100 and jeans for $60. Shop accordingly. You're welcome! [Racked, previously]