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JM Blowdry is There When You Need Them

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JM Blowdry may not have been the first blow dry bar in the area, they may not have the trendiest, most designery salon, but one thing's for sure, time is on their side. Or your side, actually, since they start beautifying clients at 8 in the morning, and stay open until 8pm. The light and spacious salon recently opened just around the corner from Joseph Martin (hence, the "JM"). The long, narrow space feels intimate and homey; when we went, they had a full-time shampoo person there who helped moved customers along quickly and efficiently to one of the salon's blow dry artistes. And they use (and sell) great product, like Kerastase and MorrocanOil. Who doesn't love MorrocanOil? And more importantly, who doesn't love luscious, shiny, blown-to-perfection hair? They don't have a menu, per se, but prices starts at $30.
· Joseph Martin [Official Site]