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A Slacker's Guide to the Monique Lhuillier Sample Sale

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This Sunday was another one of the legendary Monique Lhuillier sample sales -- perhaps infamous is the better word, since women pretty much camp out and physically jockey for pole position to scoop up deals of up to 90% off on the ultra-luxe wedding gowns and evening wear.

We had originally planned on getting down there by 9 to report on the crazy line and find out how early the ladies started queuing up, but we got hit with a burst of slackdom. Having neither the immediate need for something to wear to a wedding or red carpet event, we weren't exactly stoked on the idea of trekking down there early on a beautiful Sunday morning.

So the story instead became, "What happens if you wait until the last minute to go to the sale?"

We initially dropped by around noon and there was STILL a line going down the block. We killed some time, checking out the goods at Artisanal LA, poking around in Little Tokyo, and finally heading back to the sale around 2pm (it closed at 4pm).

We strolled right up and walked inside. Make no mistake, the salesroom was still bustling -- a couple dozen gals were combing through the aisles, pulling dresses off still well-stocked racked. We had expected there to be almost nothing left, but we found racks of bridal and ready to wear that were plush-full of good dresses, at a variety of price points and sizes -- true, it seemed like there was a disproportionate amount of 2s and 4s, but still, a nice selection. The RTW selection may have been a tad less bountiful; we hate to say it, but there were some legitimately fug creations there, but also lots of pretty. And a few dresses for under $200. And to us, the relaxed and congenial spirit was probably the biggest benefit: both shoppers and sale staffers

Another advantage to showing up late: many of the shoppers had enlisted the patient help of the staffers, who seemed downright cheerful and happy to help. Everyone was amiable and chatty, no one was throwing blows, people were actually smiling and goofing around. Even though we love us a good pre-dawn lineup and a cat-fight, we heartily recommend, the next time the Monique Lhuillier sale comes around, you take your time and get there when you feel like it.
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