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Brainy Bags from Otaat Bring Order to Life in LA

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For those of you who think,"Man, there's just not enough overlap between Racked LA and Curbed," behold Otaat, a line of utilitarian, architecturally structured bags and sacks. Designed by a real, live Angelino architect, Albert Chu. The bags were born out of a need to carry loads of ridiculously disparate loads -- books, binders, plants, ice cream -- around the city. (Sound familiar? It certainly does to us.)

We asked Albert about his process and the overlap of architecture and design, and he told us that at its best, it's "?where everything falls into place naturally, interestingly, and suggestively." Read that, look at the bags again, and see how it makes perfect sense. By being so specifically LA utilitarian and functional, the bags have almost Japanese design aesthetic. The bags are already starting to build a buzz; for now, you'll have to check them out online but we're sure a lengthy list of stockists is on the way.
· Otaat [Official Site]