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Grunge, Hair Metal Influences in the William Rast for Target Collection

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Could Justin Timberlake, arguably one of the most successful pop performers of our time, secretly be obsessed with 80s hair metal? That's what we were left thinking after spending some facetime with duds from the new William Rast for Target collection, at a private shopping party on Saturday night. Dig the fringed leather jacket for the ladies. The pleather bootie shorts. The studded chambray shirts, the jackets with the corset lacing on the sleeves and up the back the men's leather motorcycle jacket?all stuff that looks like it would have been designed by Kip Winger or Vince Neil, rather than JT.

Justin Timberlake showed up to support the new launch, and he was joined by Rachel Bilson. Of course, we paid them little mind and were more preoccupied with the clothes. The collection as a whole was clearly has a younger audience in mind, but in terms of quality and size, it's pretty hit or miss. The denims seemed to be ok, and the pocket stitching does, in fact, look like William Rast -- but one of the recurring questions is, "Really, $50 for a pair of jeans at Target?" The tees and plaid shirts for the men seemed of respectable material and workmanship, but some of the less basic items weren't too impressive. Some of the ladies' shirts were made from a weird shiny nylon and the leather was about what you'd expect from a $200 leather jacket. And the fit was all over the place. The women's jackets and vests ran small and weird -- pinchy at the chest and shoulders, but too much room around the waist. We cajoled a petite friend into trying on a pair of jeans, and she reported they fit well through the legs but pooched and bagged in the butt area.

Take all that for what it's worth. This will be one of those collections that probably inspires mild hysteria, so plan accordingly.
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