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Give Yourself at Least an Hour or Two for the Elizabeth and James, La Rok, Patterson J. Kincaid Sample Sale

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Phew! Just got back from checking out the preview day for the Elizabeth and James/La Rok/Patterson J. Kincaid sample sale. It's pretty delightful -- and when we went, we were told they had yet to bring out about ten more big boxes of Elizabeth and James stuff. The La Rok assortment is more true sample stuff -- lots of Smalls and 2s and 4s. And oh so much feathered, sequined, furry, bat-shit-insane ruffled goodness. The Elizabeth and James merchandise offered a wide variety, including a few more dramatic evening or clubby dresses, lots of tees and sweaters and casual dresses. All of it quite recent, Spring and Fall 2010. There are even a few $20 and $40 boxes -- don't be shy, dig right in. We found a few of the tees and dresses that were up on the racks for much more, wadded up and placed in the markdown box. Score! But if you adventurous, and patient, you'll have a lot of fun in the Patterson J. Kincaid area. There's one room full of boxes that are completely overstuffed with randomness. A little digging to unearth so much $20 treasure. Also a more organized room with things hung properly on the racks, which makes it easier to find things, but much less fun. It's definitely worth checking out. If you're easily freaked out by crowds and general grabbiness, it's probably best to avoid tomorrow's early morning shift -- since, among so many others, the 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent sale also kicks off and we're predicting total lunacy. Elizabeth and James sale is Thursday and Friday, from 10am to 4pm.
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