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Deals at The Row Worth Braving Rushhour Traffic

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Our pals over at MYFDBlog infiltrated The Row sample sale a few hours early. It sounds like they scored some major deals. Here's their breakdown of prices:
· Basic white tees and tanks for $30
· Button up white blouses $30
· Black and navy pencil skirts for $40
· Long black (velour, modal, silk) dresses $50-$80
· Women's white blazers $80
· Men's clothing available, included coats, blazers, sweaters, leather jackets
Hell, at those prices, we'll even suck it up and hop on the 10 to get over there. The sale officially opens at 5pm and goes until 9pm.
· The Row Sample Sale [MYFDBlog]

3525 Hayden Avenue, Culver City