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Blood is the New Black (Market) Popup Shop

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Elizabeth Daniels, 11/10

Two things that don't get often used in the same sentence together: Blood is the New Black and the word "cute". But the LA label, known for its curated line of tees featuring sometimes confrontational images from young, cutting-edge artists, just launched a holiday popup shop that is completely friggin' adorable. Yes, the bold and sometimes NSFW shirts are available at the shop, but so are pretty dresses from Curatorial by popomomo, art books, little gifties, retro soda (the soda is actually new and quite drinkable, it's just the bottles that look old-skool), jewelry from Alex and Chloe, and some of the most preciously badass little kid clothes you've ever seen. The popup itself is pretty wee, clocking in at a lean 175 square feet. And it has prices to match: 99.5% of the merchandise is $50 or less. (The one exception being a denim and leather jacket for the children.) They're open Thursday through Sunday, 3pm to 11pm, right through the New Year. Maybe a bit longer if we're lucky.
· Blood is the New Black [Official Site]