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Saks After Thanksgiving Sale Not for the Claustrophobic

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The Saks After-Thanksgiving Sale is a lot like the running of the bulls. Except with even more poorly behaved bulls carrying Fendi totes. About 500 women, and some exceptionally patient dudes, encircled Saks Fifth Avenue, some lining up as early as 6am. SUCKERS! We rolled up at five minute till 8, and got in just as fast.

The influx of shoppers into the shoe and bag departments is always terrifying to watch, as women swarm in, GRAB GRAB GRAB indiscriminately, gnashing and elbowing anything that stands in the way, and strip the department clean in about two minutes. We went in through shoes, so we didn't witness the handbag grab madness.

The general consensus was that the in-store offerings weren't that much different than what had been available online, starting the day before. Many a shoe-shopper got pysched out by the racks of pre-sale Louboutins, YSLs and Pradas that were not, in fact, an additional 50% off. Which didn't stop the department from being a shitstorm. If you're curious, the after Christmas sale is just as madcap -- and the deals are actually better, too. And a tip from the pros: don't even bother looking for parking in the lot, your best bet is the parking garage at Two Rodeo across the street.
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