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Walk a Mile in Kim Kardashian's Shoes

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Yeah, right, Kim Kardashian wears Skechers. Image via Racked NTL
Yeah, right, Kim Kardashian wears Skechers. Image via Racked NTL

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Many many MANY years ago, at the height of Michael Jordan mania, the hoopster was signing seriously lucrative deals to pitch downright questionable products. The zenith of this absurdity came when Jordan signed on to promote Beenie Weenie. The media and the public collectively groaned in dismay; Jordan, always a shrewd image custodian, acknowledged his sell-outtyness with a pee-your-pants funny skit on Saturday Night Live in which he discusses the few endorsements he DIDN'T take -- there's Michael Jordan walking in a springtime field with a fresh-faced blond teenager confiding in him, "Michael, sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling?"

AHEM. So anyway, right now in Beverly Hills, Kim Kardashian and her people are discussing the latest Kardashian brand extension: Skechers Shape-ups. Supposedly, the deal is in the 7-figure range. To which we say, "Why, America, why?" Does anyone believe her when she says, "'Shape-ups have already impacted my fitness routine for the better." And that's so soon on the heels of those terrible, fee-laden kredit kards and the diet pills. What's next, Kim? It's been a while since Geico has used either the gecko or the cavemen?
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