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Enthusiastic, Not Overly Discriminating Shoppers Scoop Up Lanvin X H&M

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This weekend's Lanvin for H&M launch didn't come close to approximating the same manic pitch of last year's Jimmy Choo-stravaganza, but it was not without a little drama. We got sort of a late start; when we rolled up to the Sunset Plaza H&M at 8:30, many of the 50 or so people had already acquired a magic wristband. (Though we're pretty sure we saw a bedroll or something indicating a sleepover.) When we arrived at the Beverly Center at just a couple of minutes after 9, that location was already open, and most of the people who'd already acquired wristbands initially arrived between 7am and 8am. The wristband system meant that only a few people would be marshaled into the stores in 15-minute shifts -- theoretically creating an organized system that would allow more people a better shot at getting goods.

But there were hoarders -- H&M supposedly had limits of two pieces of each item, but we saw a ton of people completely laden with bags, as if they'd purchased two pieces of EVERY ITEM. Way to go, douchenozzles, making sure the rest of the people don't score anything.

We weren't really interested in purchasing any of the merchandise, but we did our duty and returned to both the Beverly Center and Sunset Plaza on Sunday, to see what was left. Not a stitch to be found at Sunset Plaza. The Beverly Center has a few racks of dresses - those big messy tulle monstrosities, the black one-shouldered numbers and those pink multicolored ruched affairs, a few really gnarly looking jackets with an unfinished hem and a weird fur collar, but no accessories at all.

The collection looks much more H&M than it does Lanvin. We're guessing everything had been manhandled and rough-housed, but even so, the edges looked tattered and frayed. On a dress made out of higher quality material with better finishing, the unfinished edges provide contrast and lend an overall edgy vibe, but on the cheaper fabrics, it just looks like the dress is coming apart.

We'll update you later in the week.
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