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Zero + Maria Cornejo Brings an Upscale, Modern Vibe to Melrose Place

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Elizabeth Daniels, 10/10

The best fashion is always timeless?which means we weren't terribly upset when we couldn't get in, right away, to the newly-opened Zero + Maria Cornejo store to take pictures. It's understandable that they wanted the store to be just-so; as it is, it perfectly reflects the sensibilities of the clothing and the designer herself.

It's wall-to-wall gorgeousness. The store carries men's, women's, select accessories, and even has a room devoted to archival fashions (every single piece looks modern and totally wearable today). The clothing is all sleek and modern, but still manages to exude warmth and playfulness -- many of the fabric prints and some of the store's artwork comes from snaps Maria took on her iPhone, if that tells you anything about her wit. The prices are at the spendier end of the spectrum, but when you amortize the cost over the hundreds of wears you'll get out of each unique, flattering garment, it comes out to pocket change.
· Zero + Maria Cornejo [Official Site]

Zero + Maria Cornejo

8408 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-782-4915 Visit Website