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Pray For Mother Nature's Neverending Supply Of Denim

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Although with a name like Pray for Mother Nature you might expect some really crunchy granola frumpy jeans, the brand new denim collection from Chip Foster (formerly of Chip & Pepper fame) and his wife, Nicole, is LA chic to the core of every woven fiber. We met the duo at their launch party at Planet Blue on Thursday night and got a hands-on experience with all their designs.

There are nine styles available for fall in a variety of washes, from a skinny cargo legging to a straight leg to a flared style. There's even a pair of white denim (yes, for fall). Turns out, the Fosters buy their denim either in a dark, dark indigo or a light cream wash, and then create their own color washes and fabric thickness from there. So all the colors and washes are unique to the brand. And we can attest to the softness of the denim (if soft jeans aren't a requirement for you, we don't understand how you live).

But what really intrigued us was the spring 2011 collection, which consists entirely of denim, but is not limited to jeans. There are open-back shift dresses, a pastel green blazer, tank tops with a low scoop neck that's not too low to interfere with a bra, wide-leg tuxedo pants, ruffled skirts, plaid denim, extreme 70's throwback bellbottoms and even denim cardigans. But the piece de resistance was a jacket made from nearly-50-year-old vintage Levi's denim selvage. Only 300 of the jackets will be made, each will be numbered, and we don't know what the price point will be, but we're guessing it won't come cheap.

On average, prices for the collection range from $150 to $200. If you need a celebrity endorsement, ask Vanessa Hudgens--she stopped by the party early, scooped up about 5 pairs of jeans and chatted with Chip for around 20 minutes. Did we mention that everything about this brand is so LA it hurts?
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