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A Little Bird Told Me: Understated Looks from the Ladies Behind the Sweatpants with the Rhinestones on the Butt

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Wednesday night a the Juicy Couture outpost in Malibu, the Juicy gang feted the arrival of Bird, their luxury line of must-have staples. The collection, which launched last year, has built a solid base of fashionable fans including Demi Moore, and Rachel Bilson.

The collection features a sort of downtown-meets-Dostoyevsky mix of old world shapes and details with a new school rough-and-tumble aesthetic. The line is crafted in the color palette of cool: black, black and more black. We guess, according to Bird, black is the new black. Coats are the collection standouts in flattering cuts with fur trim as well as super soft chunky knits that will satisfy any slouchy girl on the make.

A chic crowd of left coast locals assembled at the Juicy Couture store to peruse the racks, sip margaritas and sample sweet treats passed by waiters decked in black jeans with Juicy's signature splattered pink paint. Tray after tray sported English toffee, French macarons and decadent chocolates. Best line of the night, overheard from a waiter to a gaggle of girls, "They taste great in your mouth." Best Response? "That's what my ex-husband used to say." (Photos and text by Lizzy Epstein)
· Bird by Juicy Couture [Official Site]