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My Closet Italia: Remade Vintage and Porny Shirts at Modest Prices

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When we first learned about the opening of a new boutique on Melrose called My Closet Italia, we expected it would be replete with bold-faced names like Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. But when we rolled up and saw the window display that features a t-shirt with a picture of a guy eagerly eating some girl out, we realized it was time to recalibrate our expectations.

The concept behind the store isn't so much about the "Italia" as it is about the "My": it's a very personal assortment from three friends who met at FIDM. New tees, including many tees that are much safer for work than the aforementioned cunnilingus shot, jeans from Cheap Monday, and a few different brands of remade vintage. The shirts, from the in-house brand Happiness is a $10 Tee, were the weak link for us (in addition to being a misnomer, since the t-shirts start at a very reasonable $25). Some of the remade vintage pieces, like the Birkin in the photo gallery, are genius, at terrific prices. The store tops out at $400 leather jackets.

The cozy little boutique is smack dab in the middle of a block with Joyrich on one end and American Apparel on the other -- and that sums up the store's aesthetic and audience pretty well, too. It's also right down the street from the Melrose Trading Post: the next time you're there, checking out My Closet Italia is highly recommended.
· Happiness is a $10 Tee [Official Site]


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