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Friday's Fashion Frenzy At First.LA

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We kicked off our LA Fashion Month at First.LA, a show hosted by Directives West showcasing Spring 2011 collections from Rachel Pally's new Boyfriend/Girlfriend line, Whitley Kros, Yana K, Ai for Ai, Moon Collection, A. Mullier, Champagne and Strawberries, Frache and Matty M. The looks were wearable and ranged from t-shirts to crop tops to form-fitting dresses. Although nothing was so artistic and amazing that it completely tore down and rebuilt the rules of fashion in one night, there were definitely some standout pieces from each brand, such as Ai for Ai's prints, Rachel Pally's draping, Moon Collection's swirling colors, Whitley Kros' obvious 80's inspiration and beyond. Considering the looks were designed to appeal more to consumers than the fashion elite, they definitely hit their target.
· Boyfriend/Girlfriend [Official Site]
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