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Sneaker Speakeasy: The Puma Social Clubs Opens

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With neon signs that say "Swapping Partners Encouraged" and "Sometimes Victory is a Phone Number", Puma's recently opened pop-up shop/man-cave on the Sunset Strip will be the speakeasy that launched a thousand hookups. The 6,500-square-foot Puma Social Club, which was created for the "after hours athlete" will be open through Oct. 28th on the first floor of the Sunset Towers.

The club will be open for late-night events during its two-week residency, boasting amenities like a fully stocked bar, a nighttime snacks menu, and low-impact sports like darts, foosball, ping pong and wii bowling. The outpost carries a full range of Puma gear, from the classic track jacket and reissued sneakers to exclusive, limited-edition graphic tees.The PUMA Pro Shop will be open during evening events, and while most nights are being hosted by promoters, they are not exclusive, so if you want to swing by to shop, by all means. However, call ahead or check the website for store hours during the day – they’ re a bit funky. (Text and photos by Kika Davis.)
· Puma [Official Site]