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MartinMartin Beckons You To The Dark Side

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The finale to Friday night's Concept fashion shows was MartinMartin's self-proclaimed "anti-fashion," "anti-lightness" and "anti-beauty" looks. The theme of the show was Angels of Debauchery—which was pretty accurate judging by the amount of nipple we saw throughout the event. The androgynous collection featured large amounts of draped and awkwardly-wrapped yards of boiled wool, viscose, linen, silk and French terry topped off with some really well-tailored leather coats. Every model strutted down the runway in blue lipstick, blue eyeliner, and enough Aqua-Net holding their hair straight up that by the end of the show we were gagging a little bit and praying that no one would light a match. Meanwhile, the dude next to us in the front row was taking pictures of himself on his iPhone. Ah, LA Fashion Week.
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