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Dating Site Makes LA Even More Superficial; Hollywood Startlet Styled from an Era of Class and Grace; Rachel Zoe's Big Teas

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We scan the inbox so you don't have to. Today, four items of note:

Best Bets Daily: "None more black!" mascara
Charles & Marie: We're kind of mesmerized by these cute little speakers
DailyCandy: Get "friendly" with DailyCandy
Delight Daily: Novelty bowl in the shape of a plastic baggie
I Heart Daily: Crafty Halloween is more cute than creepy
Refinery29: Unearthen jewelry put you in touch with your inner cavewoman
The Rundown: $$$ but awesome sounding event from Dave Eggers and Judd Apatow
Thrillist: Find your dream date based on the car s/he drives
WWWD: Ari Graynor does the retro-perfect classics (pictured)
The Zoe Report: Rachel heaps praise on a loose-leaf tea