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Cowboy Boots for LA; What Would Lauren Conrad Wear? (Hint: It's Pricey): Herbal Apothecary

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We scan the inbox so you don't have to. Today, four items of note:

Best Bets Daily: Turquoise earrings don't look the least bit dated
Charles & Marie: Colorful USB drive makes boring old data fun
DailyCandy: Thank goodness these medicinal herbs are already legal
Delight Daily: Necklace that answers the question, "Hey baby, what's your sign?"
I Heart Daily: Give 18-year-old Emily Osment a listen
Refinery29: Hee-haw! The chicest shit-kickers (pictured)
The Rundown: Smart drinks: Hemingway's in Hollywood
Thrillist: Resto popups! Who knew?
WWWD: Lauren Conrad favors expensive clothing, SHOCKER
The Zoe Report: Sky high YSL platforms are appropriately expensive