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Geoffrey Mac's Mostly Wearable Red Carpet Looks

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Geoffrey Mac apparently has a penchant for dressing drag queens and festooning people in bubbles. We're not exactly fans of either look, but considering that a lot of the LAFW shows tend to be more retail driven -- i.e., merchandise that looks ready to roll out on the floor of Macy's, i.e., BORING -- we decided his show was worth checking out. Especially since it was held in conjunction with the late, great GenArt.

The presentation at Skybar was noticeably devoid of wacky, high-concept, "how the hell do you sit down in that?" clothing; instead, models wore dramatic looks and clothing that was actually identifiable as clothing. The first batch featured so many different -- and VERY different -- looks that it hardly came off as a collection, but it was pretty, anyway. Favorites included an intricately ruched and gathered off-white cocoon dress; a column wedding dress with a fabric swirl in the back (it was probably supposed to look like a big rosette, but looked more like a cinnamon roll); and a flirty number best described as "Barbarella Does Brocade". There was also some leather, some latex, and party goers doing their best to channel Lady Gaga. Let the fun and games being!
· Geoffrey Mac [Official Site]