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C Savage Salon Beautifying Self, and all of West Hollywood

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C Savage Salon, already very pretty in the first place, has been undergoing transformation, preparing to become an even more beautiful butterfly. So far, they're about 75% of the way out of the cocoon, and we dropped by recently to inspect the handiwork.

We ended up with a gregarious stylist who waxed reflective on the ins and outs of working at salons on the East Side vs. the West Side, and a few spots in between. Of the East Side, said he appreciated the laid-back atmosphere and friendly clientele, but it's hard not to be impressed by the general fanciness, attention to detail, and level of pampering one finds in the Beverly Hills salons. His comments reflect the best parts of C Savage -- the friendly, easy-going demeanor of the staff, and the salon's Epicurean vibe (they even offer bites and drinks from next-door neighbor Jar, which is pretty darned Epicurean).

C Savage a best-of-both worlds feel: even though you're just steps away from Beverly Blvd. and a few blocks from the Beverly Center, the salon's vibe is comfortable and relaxed. And within a few short weeks, they'll have blow dry bar open for business, making a salon visit super-strategic before a night out.
· C Savage [Official Site]