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eBay Lets You Be the Model, Judge, Jury, and Shopper

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Elizabeth Daniels, 9/10

In an effort to really establish itself as a bona fide force in fashion, eBay created a new LookBook site that combines shopping, sharing, and rating user generated content -- it's what you'd get if you threw eBay, Polyvore and Facebook into a blender. Obviously, eBay does not do anything in a small way, so they launched LookBook with a multi-city tour that stopped at The Grove on Wednesday.

The event combined heavy doses of voyeurism and exhibitionism -- it was like poking around in someone else's closet, watching other people try on clothes and strut in front of the camera (and if you were brave, you stepped in front of the lens, too). eBay brought in the big fashion guns -- Lucky Magazine's Michael Waring and Elise Loehnen, Annabel Tollmand?and Whitney Port was also there. It sounds like such a cliche, but she's stunningly pretty and quite gracious in person. Official pics of the event are already up on the LookBook, so you can check out and judge local self-proclaimed fashionistas.
· eBay LookBook [Official Site]