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The Week in Stuff-Lust: Classic Camel Coat, Vintage Frocks, Day-to-Night Clutch, Valentino Rain Boots

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Just in time for weekend shopping, we're giving you a peek at the things on our shopping lists. We've pounded the pavement and scoured the Web for unique takes on key fall pieces, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and stuff that's just heart-breakingly, wallet-bustingly awesome. However, we don't recommend combining all these pieces in the same outfit: the results would be heinous.

The Camel Coat
If you've been thinking about investing in a feminine twist on an old-faithful utilitarian piece, now is the time, because every brand has their own version on the racks for Fall 2010. It's the kind of style that you can wear for decades and never look dated. A Racked ed. has a hunter green wool coat that her mother got in the 60's when she was a teenager and now she's passed it on. "It still looks great and I get compliments on it all the time!" Available at Nordstrom.

Tie-Dye Day-to-Night Clutch
One Racked staffer keeps a small clutch in her bigger purse so she can go out at night straight from work without the heavy baggage. She's looking for a new one, and this Sammy Made in Ethiopia Leather Pouch is a serious contender. It has a super fun print, is hand-made, multi-compartmental, and insanely butter soft. Plus, it supports a women’s craft co-op in Addis Ababa. Available at Barneys.

Creme de Menthe Vintage Dress on Etsy
Talk about love at first sight. This dress from Dear Golden Vintage immediately made our heart go pitter-patter. It has exquisite beading and seamlessly perfect sea-foam silk, and the fact that it’s almost a century old completely blows our minds. At $425, it's the priciest thing in the superlative seller's shop: but our beloved dress is still $3,500 cheaper than a very similar Balenciaga, so there's that. Available on Etsy.

Valentino Rain Boots
So what if it was 113 this week and we may not see rain for months? Touches like the lace detailing, the oversize bow and that aggressive exposed zipper in the back make these boots super sexy. You know that whole "ambush an amore, wear a trenchcoat with nothing underneath it" thing? Wear these in lieu of stilettos. Even at $745, they're sold out on in many places; if you've either got really tiny or bigger feet, you can still find them at Neiman Marcus.
(Kika Davis, Mara Gladstone and Lauren Taylor contributed to this article.)

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