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Downtown Denim Warehouse Sale Mob Scene

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Clearly, designer denim isn't dead: a tipster sent us this photo from the 7 for All Mankind warehouse sale that's currently in full effect downtown. We hit up someone we suspected would be there, and he confirmed: big crowds, lots of people standing in line, but also a good selection. Wondering if it's worth your while? Here's a list of prices:

· 1st quality - Skirts/Shorts/Bermudas: $60 (1st day), $50 (2nd day), $40 (3rd
· 2nd quality jeans/Pants/Capris: $65 (1st day), $55 (2nd day), $45 (3rd day)
· 2nd quality - Skirts/Shorts/Bermudas: $50 (1st day), $40 (2nd day), $30 (3rd
day) Additional $10 for Crystals/Studded
· Tops (1st quality):Tank Top/Tees: $25 (1st day), $20 (2nd day), $10 (3rd day)
· Polos: $30 (1st day), $25 (2nd day), $20 (3rd day) Blouses / Fashion /
· Sportswear Tops: $45 (1st day), $35 (2nd day), $20 (3rd day)
· Shirts (Button Downs): $40 (1st day), $35 (2nd day), $30 (3rd day)
· Sweaters/Hoodies: $50 (1st day), $45 (2nd day), $30 (3rd day)
· Outerwear: $100 (1st day), $90 (2nd day), $80 (3rd day)
· Dresses: $60 (1st day), $55 (2nd day), $40 (3rd day)
The sale runs through Sunday at the LA Convention Center.
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Los Angeles Convention Center

1201 South Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA