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James Perse: Stay Hydrated, You're In It For the Long Haul

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Maybe it's just because we're James Perse Sample Sale virgins, but we were shocked at the craziness of the warehouse sale today. The huge blowout in Santa Monica features racks and racks of clothes being scavenged by hordes of people, many of them stripping shamelessly in the aisles to test their choices. Which explains our lack of photos here (trust us, we're being merciful).

The checkout line was at least 50 people deep when we left, although there was a table stocked with fresh fruit trays, cheese, crackers and bottles of water. And if you're planning on shopping this sale, you're going to need it.

For women, we saw $20 solid color tees and $25 3/4 sleeve shirts, $15 graphic tees, $30 shorts and bermuda sweatpants, $50 maxi dresses, $15 long-sleeve knit dress samples and $20 polo samples, $49 striped drawstring waist dresses, $89 wrap shirt dresses and $46 twill pants.

For men, we spotted $15 short-sleeve and $18 long-sleeve graphic tees, $20 tees, $25 long-sleeve tees, $42 twill pants and $35 shorts.

For kids, everything from t-shirts to leggings to pants was between $15 and $20.

Everything is available in multiple shades of muted earth tones.

The sale is open until 8pm tonight. If you plan on stopping by after work, well, godspeed. Feel free to check out the private sale on their official web site, although be warned the deals are better in person. Protip: The entrance to the sale is in the back of the building.

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