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Do Good, Shop Good at Local Collection

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We literally just stumbled upon Local Collection, in the Glendale Galleria, over the holiday break, and it totally made our day. This light, bright, cheerful store sits across from Nordstrom–the shoe department, actually, which is how we found it. The merchandise is all so lovely, it's hard to forget that you're actually helping to save the world.

The concept is simple: It's a group of local designers and artists who were selected for their unique, appealing, non-mass-produced offerings. Many of the products are green-leaning or sustainable; it's all smartly priced, taking the local market into consideration. Not to get all Ralph Nadery, but this is the wave of the future.

Enough politics: You want to know about the goods, right?

We found a few designers that we already know and like (Rojas,eEvil Ink Design, Cozy Farmhouse), and discovered a whole new crop to adore. How gorgeous are those feathered pieces from Sweet Evie? The gilded-leaf jewelry from London Manori was pretty spectacular, too, with select charms going from $30 - $60. Besides fashions and jewelry for the ladies, Local Collection offers clothing and toys for the little ones, homeware, lotions and potions, and a few pieces for the gents.

What makes Local Collection even more special is that it may actually be used as a prototype for other locations around the country. No official announcements about other likely markets; Glendale is sort of a test market for the concept. And considering which other retailers chose the Galleria for their launch—Apple and the Disney Store—we'd say Local Collection has an excellent chance to be The Next Big Thing.
· Glendale Galleria [Official Site]