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RVCA Lightens, Brightens the Faifax District

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We went to check out the new RVCA shop on a picture-perfect Saturday afternoon, which was probably the perfect time to do it. Sunlight streamed into windows covered with ornate hieroglyphic-like drawings (created by Sumi Ink Club, also responsible for the rest of the art in the store), creating an almost otherwordly effect. Good tunes on the stereo, a super friendly staff, a pleasant little sitting area, and art that provides hours of entertainment makes this a comfortable place to hang out.

The shop is on the smallish side: more narrow than it is wide. Right now, it feels a little sparse. There's equal representation for ladies and gents, with an emphasis on t-shirts, primarily, and denim. (Sadly, none of the Erin Wasson designs.) It's all priced right (most tees in the $20 to $30 range; women's jeans from $75 to $90); hopefully, there will be a lot more of it, once they get settled in.
· RVCA [Official Site]