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Citadel Expanding to the Size of a Small Country

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The only outlet shopping center in Los Angeles is expanding, to mega-ultra gargantuan proportions: currently, it's 276,210 sq. ft. and they're adding an additional 157,000 sq. ft. (Yeah, the numbers are too huge for us to comprehend, either. But to put it in perspective: the new, huge-ass Forever 21 in Cerritos is 85,000 sq. ft.—and we mention that because we have a post and pics, later today.) Citadel expansion is supposed to be completed by December 2010 (just in time for the holidays); new tenants will include Gap Outlet, Under Armour, Esprit, Adidas and Columbia Sportswear. [RackedWire]


100 Citadel Drive, Commerce, CA