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End Poverty on Montana Ave.

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Just when you think you've seen every kind of popup possible, another one comes along to offer a new twist on somethingorother. This time, it's the Poverty Not shop in Santa Monica, a small store on Montana Ave stocked with handmade crafts from Africa. You can find Ardmore Ceramics, colorful pieces handmade in South Africa by the Zulu that are frequently auctioned at Christie's and collected by Elton John and the Queen of England. There's also turquoise jewelry made by actress CCH Pounder, African handmade beaded jewelry and embroidered bags, eco-friendly t-shirts from LA's Revenge Is... and colorful photographs from backstage at John Galliano's 2008 fashion shows snapped by Mark Leibowitz.

As can be expected, many of the African craftspeople featured in the shop are HIV positive. Proceeds from sales to go help pay for much-needed resources like schools and medicine, end poverty, empower women and children and generally promote all-around good karma. Not only that, but looking at all the colors in the store truly chases away the rainy day blues. The shop is open through the end of February.
· Poverty Not [Official Site]

1111 ½ Montana Ave, Santa Monica, California

1111 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA