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Uncovering the Secret of MM Melrose Project

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Although MM Melrose Project has been open since October, we're surprised by the lack of buzz over it. The shop is actually a new "secret" concept store for MaxMara, featuring a well-edited selection of apparel and accessories from all the brands under the company's umbrella, from the runway collection to Sportmax. There's flowy dresses from the spring collection, beaded gowns from eveningwear, coats, furs, handbags, shoes and business separates scattered throughout the small space at 8473 Melrose Place.

But the amazing selection is not the best part, it's the prices: almost all pieces are discounted 40% as soon as they hit the floor, and right now there are even further reductions (up to 60% off fall collections and 20% off spring). There are even a handful of samples hanging from the racks, all marked with a size 8 tag whether or not that's the true size. But hey, that's why the store has two large fitting rooms in the back. Playing with the merchandise is encouraged, so feel free to strut around the store wearing one of the wacky sequined bucket hats on the shelf near the register. Not that we did that or anything.

The sweet shop owner politely asked us not to take photos inside the store, so you'll have to stop by to see the goods for yourself. But trust us, it's worth the trip.
· MaxMara [Official Site]

8473 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA