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Fun, Fugliness and Jermaine Jackson Abound at Space 15 Twenty Re-Gift Party

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If you missed Space 15 Twenty's Re-Gift popup party, you missed some of the fugliest holiday gifts we've ever seen. And you missed shopping a truly unique assortment of clothing, jewelry and accessories: great graphic print tees from ARKA; dresses from Guy Baxter; bright, sunny handbags from Malaika; and some crazy-ass jewelry from VeraMeat. (And we mean crazy-ass in the good way.) The vampire fang pendant is about the most pedestrian thing she offers: there were also terrier head rings, charms of dinosaurs and a hippo-headed shark, and something we've never seen or imagined: a zombie Tina Turner being eaten by a T-Rex, but she's clobbering the dinosaur over the head with a bone. WTF! (And again, we mean that in the most loving and awe-struck way possible.)

You know what else you missed if you didn't make it to the event? Jermaine Jackson! We're not sure if he participated in the crappy gift exchange, but can you imagine? "Oh, this silly little diamond-encrusted Rolex? I already have 100, it's not like I need another?"
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Space 15 Twenty

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