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We Did It For Science: Pop Physique Will Kick (and Tone) Your Butt

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We learned that Pop Physique was opening a location in Studio City. Rather than simply announcing the opening and calling it a day, we decided to get a little public-servicey and try the facility out, just for your benefit.

We read on the website that the class combines elements of ballet, yoga, strength training and pilates; all to tone and define your muscles and give you stronger, longer-looking legs, arms and abs. Sounds good to us! Jennifer, the owner, graciously invited us to come down and give her class a whirl.

It must be said, we are one of those smug runner types who thinks nothing of getting up at 5:30 in the morning to run a quick ten miles. Ah ha ha, yes, we are so fit, we thought we would waltz right in and sail through the class, unchallenged.

The waltzing right in part was true: there was plenty of parking on Ventura and nearby streets. And Jennifer's husband was helping speed students into the beautiful, calm studio.

Basically, from about five minutes in, we thought we were going to die. (We run, but we're about as flexible as cement.) There was a lot of stretching, moves designed to make your body work against its own weight, targeted exercises with tiny dumbbells, and ballet-derived poses that made your heart race after holding them for 30 seconds. Each exercise hit a very specific muscle or group of muscles. We'll be honest: we were struggling more than anyone else in the class, but judging from all of the sweaty brows and trembling thighs, clearly, this was easy-peasy for no one.

The class was small, no more than 15 people, which meant Jennifer was free to give the occasional correction or pointer. Her attention was helpful, not condescending or smothering. Each class lasts about an hour; our soreness lasted for 48 (your results may vary considerably).

The best advertisement any fitness class can have is their customers: during the many times we looked around the room because we couldn't figure out how the hell we were gonna get our bodies to contort into one of the positions, we saw lean, defined, healthy looking women who seemed to be enjoying themselves. And we talked to a few of them after class: people love it. One woman even left a party early the previous night to make sure she'd be able to attend the 9:45 am class in sound mind and healthy body.

Obviously, after one class, we couldn't tell much of anything. But we did feel the stretch (and oh, so much burning) in all the right places: abs, butt, thighs, shoulders, calves. We would definitely check it out again. A single class is $20, why don't you try them out and see what you're made of? Pop Physique is open seven days; view their schedule online or call them at (818)769-1177.
· Pop Physique [Official Site]

Pop Physique

12406 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA