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Collabs: Lindsay Lohan Plucked For Key Ungaro Role

Emanuel Ungaro's new "Artistic Advisor", Lindsay Lohan, in pieces from the brand. Images via <a href="
Emanuel Ungaro's new "Artistic Advisor", Lindsay Lohan, in pieces from the brand. Images via

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Having proven her chops in the leggings design realm, Lindsay Lohan now finds herself the recipient of a far loftier position—"Artistic Adviser" for Italian fashion house Emanuel Ungaro. An appointment that's been churning through the rumormill for months, WWD has confirmed that Lohan "signed a multiyear contract" with the brand, which will involve not just public appearances on its behalf, but a working relationship with new Chief Designer Estrella Archs. The starlet says she has been providing input and suggestions regarding the Spanish designer's first collection, "kind of overseeing everything she does."

As for the attention (good or bad) that's sure to come—well, the brand's bigwigs are upfront about the fact that it's the whole point of the collaboration. "“The fashion industry thrives on controversy anyway,” Ungaro CEO Munir Moufarrige tells WWD. “Emanuel Ungaro himself was very controversial. He always felt women had to dress to seduce. His first perfume he called Diva. It’s not an act of desperation to get a real diva involved. I like controversy." The duo's first collection will be presented on October 4 at Paris Fashion Week.
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