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Collabs: Rodarte for Target Pops Up on eBay?

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Just a few weeks after photos from the Rodarte for Target press preview were leaked online, an actual top from the event has reportedly surfaced on eBay. Nitrolicious brought our attention to the navy blue lace scoop-neck shirt, which was sold yesterday for $10.49 and is said to be an editor's gift from the collection, which doesn't launch until December 20. Of course, like everything else on eBay, there's a distinct possibility that it could be fake—after all, it does say the item is being sent from Everett, WA, which we don't think is a hotbed of fashion editors. Either way, we're sure Target will have something to say about it as the day progresses, and will be sure to update you accordingly.

UPDATE: We hear from an insider who was actually at the press launch that this is, indeed, a real Rodarte for Target specimen. How it migrated to Washington state, we can not say, but at least its new owner can sleep tonight knowing their investment was sound.
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