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Project Runway Top Ten: 3 Strikes and You're Aufed

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It's time once again for comedy writer Bonnie Datt to count down the Top Ten Moments of Greatness from the latest Project Runway.

Images via Lifetime

Episode Three of Project Runway may heretofore be known as "The week with Max Azria" or possibly as "The time when a member of the winning team got aufed." But most likely, it will go down in history as "The one where Tim Gunn wore flip flops."

During this week's competition, our designers were divided into teams of two and asked to create surf-inspired outfits and matching avant-garde ensembles. While the teamed Chris and Logan work so well together that they could be the next Badgley Mischka or Mary-Kate and Ashley, the less simpatico Qristyl and Epperson might have gotten more work done if they'd dedicated half their sewing time to couples counseling.

The most spotlighted pairing is "I coulda been a Doctor" Ra'mon with "Blame it on My Model" Mitchell. Mitchell does next to nothing, while Ra'mon rushes around doing almost all the work on three outfits (this includes the scrapped scuba suit). Although Ra'mon fears that both he and Mitchell will be sent home for these rushed creations, the judges love his work and dub him the winner. But, for the first time in Runway history, a team contains both the winning and the losing contestants. So finally, after his third time in the bottom three, we bid a well deserved "Auf Wiedersehen" to Mitchell.

And now Racked's Top Ten Moments of Project Runway Greatness:

10). Lifetime runs unnecessary subtitles whenever guest judge Max Azria of BCBG speaks English.

9). Lifetime runs no explanatory subtitles when Gordana attempts to defend her partner Nicolas';s avant-garde vision by explaining "Maybe this is a sea woman who is becoming a human, like in the movie Mermaid."

8). Mitchell surprises us with his candor (or stupidity) when he admits he picked Ra'mon to be his teammate with the hope that he would "carry" him.

7). For the second week in a row, Althea creates a dress which exposes so much of her model's chest that it could be worn for nursing.

6). Macramé makes a comeback in two outfits. Millions of dusty plant hangers in the Midwest begin counting the days until they get taken down from their attics.

5). The winning surf inspired dress looks more Uli inspired than anything in Uli's "All Stars" collection from two weeks ago.

4). Ram'on's reaction to learning the designers must create a second outfit is, "I've always said ‘expect the unexpected," making us wonder if he is actually Big Brother's Julie Chen in disguise.

3). Many of the designers interpret "create an avant-garde ensemble" as "Copy Chris and Christian's poofy-shouldered avant-garde dress from two seasons ago."

2). Nina Garcia reacts reverentially to Ra'mon's ball of lettuce dress with the words, "Thank you God for Neoprene."

1).The fastidious Tim Gunn walks on the beach dressed in a blazer and flipflops.

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