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Project Runway Top Ten: We Miss Nina and Michael

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And now, comedy writer Bonnie Datt counts down the top ten moments of greatness from this week's Project Runway.

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It's week six of Project Runway, and our original group of 347,623 designers has now been whittled down to a mere eleven. This episode's challenge makes good use of the show's Los Angeles locale by focusing on the theme of costume design. Each designer must create a costume for a specific film genre and then conceive a back story for the character who wears it. Which is ironic, because part of the reason Johnny was booted last week was because he was a little too good at coming up with stories.

Refreshingly, this week our guest judge is not another celebrity who dabbles in fashion, but rather Oscar nominated costume designer and Madonna stylist, Arianne Phillips. Less refreshing is the fact that Michael and Nina are still absent, obviously playing hard to get so we'll realized just how much we miss them. It's working. Nina is again replaced by her Marie Claire colleague, editor Zoe Glassner, who finally seems to have discerned that the more brutally she insults the contestants, the more airtime she will get. And joining us for the first time is John Varvatos.

This week, our winning and losing outfits are both created for the science fiction genre. Unfortunately, this week's winner is Nicolas's hideous Ice Queen costume, which somehow beats Epperson's more deserving Western ensemble. Our aufed designer is the likeable Ra'mon, who at the last minute replaces his original disastrous creation with a new, quickly constructed "hot green mess." Ra'mon, we fear medical school is calling ...

This week, in our “As Tears Go By” count, Louise gives us our sixth crying jag of the season.

And now this week's Top Ten Moments of Greatness:

10). Token straight boy Logan winks flirtatiously at Carol Hannah. A houseful of models mourns.

9). Irina says that her victory in the last challenge reminds her just how good she is at doing "Wow pieces." Her design this week makes us to think, "Wow, that is ugly."

8). Louise uses a straw purse which has been creatively decorated to look like a rooster. Unfortunately, it's not what she sends down the runway.

7). Tim Gunn tells Epperson, "Ruffles have such a profound visual impact, I'm really seduced by them." Perhaps the famously unattached Gunn is relationship-free because he's never been wooed by a pirate.

6). The judges confidently predict that Nicolas's white ice villain dress will "photograph beautifully" and "look expensive on camera." The judges are now considering another line of work.

5). Louise accidentally pushes a needle through her finger, but continues sewing. Meanwhile an uninjured Nicolas whines that being on the show is one of the most "difficult things I've ever been through in my life."

4). Ra'mon says he's glad Johnny was booted the previous week, because "it makes the competition a little more serious for everyone." He then designs a Godzilla-meets-Kermit-the-Frog costume.

3). Zoe Glassner describes Louise's work as a "convoluted mess" and compares it to a "French maid's uniform you buy in a plastic bag at the store." Louise thanks the judge for her criticism, says "I've been wanting to get on stage—whether I was in the top or bottom—just so I could hear the feedback," and then designs a hair shirt (vintage-looking, of course).

2). Arriane Phillips describes Ra'mon's work as "risky and ambitious but unfortunately no banana"—not realizing that stylist Rachel Zoe's lawyers have already trademarked all usage of that word.

1). When Ra'mon is aufed, Heidi says, "Your character may have been out of this world but what planet was she from?" thus proving that reality TV does use writers, but not necessarily good ones.

Join us next week, when prodigal designer Michael Kors finally returns!

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