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RackedWire: Martin + Osa Gives Away Free Denim Accessories; Lights, Camera, Action for Burbank Ikea Store

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CENTURY CITY: It seems like a lot of retailers are bigging up their denim offerings for fall, the latest being American Eagle sister store Martin + Osa. From now through Monday, the Americana and Century City locations will be giving away a free scarf (for the ladies) or D-ring belt (for the boys) with any denim purchase—although we don't see any reason why cross-gender freebie swapping wouldn't be allowed. The exposed-zip "Supercross" pair is our personal favorite ($120). [RackedWire]

BURBANK—Finally, a group of bored actors have answered the age-old question "Is it possible to film a soap opera in an Ikea without the store noticing?" Witness the first episode of "Ikea Heights," which you can also find on the online TV series site Channel 101. We feel like they might be able to pull off an entire season before the Burbank Ikea figures out what's going on.—Izzy Grinspan [Laughing Squid via Buzzfeed]