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Party (S)hopping: Kari Feinstein Pre-Emmy's Style Lounge

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Kari Feinstein’s Pre Emmy Style Lounge wrapped up last Friday afternoon at Zune LA. It seemed a bit scaled-down compared to last year’s soiree, but there were still oodles of items for c-list celebs to stock up on.

Denise Richards (in cowboy boots) checked out the Life Extension Skin Products and pro-host Damien Fahey scooped up some Superdry shirts as we munched on some complimentary Pirates Booty and swigged some Vita Coco juice while watching Malin Ackerman order tacos.

But this year’s event displayed a few fabulously functional items compared to the mostly frivolous-yet-glamorous goodies of last. We talked up a gaggle of beauty-cream consultants – probably most convinced by Sanitas Skincare owner Lisa Crary due to her impeccable complexion – and sampled armfuls of GNC Woman’s Health drinks, vitamins, and snackbars.

Upstairs, we sniffed some Foot Petal’s lavender-scented insoles (red carpet essential!) and played around with Lindsay Phillips' new leather ballet flats with interchangeable ornamental details.

The event left us pumped for last night’s ceremony, which was the place to spot actual nominees and not just their free-loading friends.–Keri Pina